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pet peeve:

Rude people and bad drivers.

favorite food:

BBQ or chicken wings

random fact:

I have a saltwater reef aquarium!

i love:

Spending time with my family. The beach. Learning new skills, solving problems and building things with my hands or with code.

guilty pleasure:

Crime Documentaries

kris cochran

web developer / code surfer

Born a true technology tinkerer fascinated by the art of computers and coding, no one is more fit to tell a story and reach an audience online. Kris’s love of technology has followed him over the years and landed him right in our office! Most of his time is spent working to turn the stunning visuals and creative ideas of our graphic designers and content writers into smooth, responsive, storytelling web pages using a vast collection of tools and plugins. While his love for technology often follows him outside of the office, you just might catch Kris indulging in his other hobbies on the weekends like spending quality time with his family, riding his motorcycle, reading, watching movies or sparking up the grill to work on his smoked BBQ skills.