Slide pet peeve: Pen-clicking and Closed-mindedness favorite food: Costco popcorn random fact: I wanted a basset hound more than anything as a toddler i love: Sauteed mushrooms and concrete jungles(especially if it involves getting on a plane) guilty pleasure: Airports! There is something cool about being around people that are all coming and going somewhere different. Meg Willis communications intern / creative connoisseur If you are ever curious about the latest trends or aesthetics, Meg is your girl. Her passion for fashion, social media, and design keep her in the know on all things trendy. If given the task, this media master could explain her life through hashtags. She brings a unique, creative energy to any environment she finds herself in, and finds joy in diversifying her experiences by soaking up anything life may throw at her. Meg is pursuing a degree in Marketing at Georgia State University with a double minor in Spanish, concentrated in International Business, and English, concentrated in Creative Writing. When this classy and sassy combo is not working or studying for her next exam, you can find her at local thrift stores on the hunt for unique and chic treasures. #frugal #savvy

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