Slide pet peeve: People who are rude to servers favorite food: Indian, Mediterranean, anything you have to catch a flight for! random fact: When I was a little kid, I used to love to break dance! But, I could only do one move. So I would that that move for literally everyone i love: Building apps, Being a dog/plant dad, using my passport, blogging about coding, my Nikon F5 guilty pleasure: The TV show Married at First Sight. I don’t know what it is about arranged American marriages that is so entertaining to watch Nate Sims web developer / creative coder Nate was born in Denver, CO but moved to Georgia when he was a kid. Growing up he was an experimental and creative individual, shooting photos on film while giving them a major digital presence on the web with creative editing. He went to college in Lawrenceville where he discovered programming (after countless major changes). After his immediate terror of having to write a program that calculates mathematical constants, he became enamored with problem solving. Nate eventually found his niche in bridging the gap between design and implementation within front end development and absolutely loves his work!

He currently lives in Lawrenceville with his girlfriend that he met bouncing around working in different restaurants. They share their beautiful apartment with two dogs: a greyhound-chihuahua and a yorkie, and over 20 houseplants. Known for his charm, ability to share a random fact about almost anything, and no nonsense attitude he is able to be helpful in any situation

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