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pet peeve:

Anyone flossing anywhere except a bathroom

favorite food:

Chicken wings and Oreos. (Not together. However, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to try)

random fact:

I'm one of a small percentage of people who think cilantro tastes like soap

i love:

When cats push things off tables

guilty pleasure:

70's soft rock

Sonny Del Grosso

managing director / dream weaver

ACG just can’t stop growing! And, to keep up with it, we hired our secret weapon, Sonny. He’s spent the majority of his career with new launches where he loves “taking things to the next level.” He discovered the Zac Brown Band, and as their manager, developed the strategy that positioned the band for global success. He introduced Zipcar and the concept of “car sharing” to Atlanta in a dual marketing and general management role. He was on the marketing team that successfully launched a TV network (Turner South), and was on a publishing team that launched a dive magazine (Sport Diver.) That’s the kind of mojo we needed at ACG. As Managing Director, Sonny plays a key leadership and creative role in helping take our clients, and ACG, to the next level.