Slide pet peeve: Shuffling your feet when you should be running (Lack of urgency on time sensitive matters) favorite food: Mac & Cheese of any variety…gourmet with truffles, Stouffer’s, blue box, bacon, white cheddar, deep fried etc. random fact: I have a phobia of church bells and gongs i love: Squeals of excitement from my children, southern living, signature cocktails and sunny days guilty pleasure: Magnum dark chocolate and caramel ice cream bars Rachel Jeffers events director / soiree stylist This chick operates on one speed: GO! Rachel is constantly on the move juggling a variety of events, social media activities and client projects. Amid the flurry of to-do lists, Pinterest styling boards, event swag, invitations and Starbucks brainstorming meetings, she works tirelessly at pulling together an array of details to make our clients look their best. Theme development is her sweet spot and loves for ALL event details and branding elements to be tied together, with a pretty bow, of course! Whether it’s a “widget” product launch party, a golf tournament or a black-tie award gala—she handles the details with great care complete with a sweet southern smile. Reinforcing our boutique approach at every turn, Rachel adds a chicness to each project that can’t be outdone!

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