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pet peeve:

Hanging clothes on a hanger just to have it fall off

favorite food:

You can never go wrong with a steak, baked potato, and a glass of wine

random fact:

My dad's name is Yoshi, yes like the dinosaur from Mario

i love:

My dogs, concerts ,skin care, and sneakers

guilty pleasure:

Watching true crime documentaries and tiny house tours, which are very opposite sides of the spectrum

mina kinjo

traffic coordinator / team wrangler

Mina recently graduated from Georgia Gwinnett College with a marketing degree. She loves all aspects of the creative industry and is continuously growing her passion within the business. Mina strives to advance her skills and believes continuously having a thirst for knowledge is the powerhouse behind all inspiration. Whether through words or visuals, she enjoys creating content within the social media world. Through communicating and interacting with clients and the community, she is able to gain a greater perspective of others’ creative outlook.