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pet peeve:

Being ignored

favorite food:


random fact:

My coat is called a tuxedo coat - I'm fancy like that!

i love:

To run and play outside

guilty pleasure:

Cuddling on anyone's lap

arabella 'arie' ledbetter

mascot / head of puplick relations

Born just a mere few months ago, and during

COVID at that, I have not had a chance to truly live up to my new role as the office mascot. Let’s just say, that once I am given the chance, I will jump in with four feet to show my special skills of putting smiles on faces and keeping everyone on their toes…well, shuffling them so I can’t grab them and chew on them! I’m always at the ready to run outside when my fellow teammates want to go for a walk to get a little exercise and fresh air. And, I know that a big part of my everyday ACG work life will be to be the official greeter to all our visitors.

I’ve been working on my wagging abilities and think

I’m ready for the challenge.