Slide pet peeve: Unkindness favorite food: Raw Oysters and kale Caesar salads random fact: I read hundreds upon hundreds of books every year. i love: My wild family, cooking, learning, concerts, musicals, dancing, plants, and rescuing giant dogs. guilty pleasure: True Crime podcasts

Eryn Austin Copywriter / Playful Pensmith
Background and Experience

After studying Creative Writing at Georgia College and State University, Eryn began almost immediately helping small businesses in the metro Atlanta area with their marketing needs. She went on to gain over 15 years of experience using her gift with words to boost brands, wrangle web copy, and elevate editorial. Everything from B2B to poetry, from blogs to mailers, from publications to her own manuscript, Eryn has found that there is literally no words she can’t take to her will. She has over 10 years of experience public speaking. Focusing on the importance of knowing one’s personal and/or professional authentic voice, she has encouraged and inspired small brands to stand out in the marketplace with genuine compassion.

Role at ACG

Eryn was one of the OG employees of Accent way back in the day and we are so excited for you to meet her. You will see her face on zooms, as she is an idea generating machine. You’ll see her hand in most anything that deals with copy or editorial- whether she’s writing it or proofing. Eryn’s strengths lie in brainstorming and problem-solving, out-of-box thinking, and generally just getting whatever is needed, done.

Random fact

Eryn is a proud book nerd and reads hundreds of books every year. She’s always up to drop a recommendation for any reader’s tastes. Just know, she likes the scary stuff.

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