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pet peeve:

Pen-clicking and Close-mindedness

favorite food:

Costco popcorn

random fact:

I wanted a basset hound more than anything as a toddler

i love:

Sauteed mushrooms and concrete jungles (especially if it involves getting on a plane)

guilty pleasure:

Airports! There is something cool about being around people that are all coming and going somewhere different

catherine james

content creator / savvy storyteller

Catherine is a recent graduate from Georgia College. She graduated with a degree in Communications and minored in photography. Catherine loves telling stories just as much as she loves bringing their visuals to life. From journalism to design to photography, there’s no creative niche Catherine hasn’t explored. Some of her favorite things are coffee, concerts and traveling. When she’s not dreaming up ways to bring her creative visions to life, she can be found hiking all over North GA and the Southeast.